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The Top 1000 Hi-Tech Croatian Companies by Profit, Revenue and Revenue from Exports of 2019

The Top 1000 Hi-Tech Croatian Companies by Profit, Revenue and Revenue from Exports of 2019

Although the companies leading this list by 2019 profits are from the telecoms industry, such as HT (Croatian Telecom), A1 Hrvatska and Tele2, the rest of the list nonetheless consists of companies connected to computer programming as their principal activity.

Several of the companies should be pointed out on the 2019 list, such as Infobip d.o.o., Nanobit d.o.o., Microblink d.o.o., Agrivi d.o.o., who are focused primarily on computer programming, video games and the production of their own solutions, and which over the course of 2020 acquired substantial investments either from their foreign strategic partners or investment funds. This will certainly have a noticeable impact on their revenues and other positive effects in their overall business in which jobs are searched for by IT experts looking only for substantial progress in their business careers. All these companies put together employed only 897 people in 2019, and their joint profits were 49 million HRK (6,492,093 EURO). It will be interesting to see their 2020 results.

The 2019/2020 50UP! award for the most perspective business technological solutions was assigned to fifty tech companies for the most innovative business solutions, many of them being on this list where they are highlighted as well.

Some of the 50UP! recipients, such as Microblink d.o.o., Infobip d.o.o., Elektronički računi d.o.o., Testdome d.o.o., TIS – Objektni informacijski sustavi d.o.o., GDI d.o.o., Aktivis d.o.o. and Agrivi d.o.o. noted an unbelievable increase in profits as proof of their awarded business solutions, singled out by the popular tech magazine VIDI and the business tech portal.


The Top 1000 Hi-Tech Croatian Companies by Profit of 2019



Top 1000 by revenue

By gross annual revenue, the top 1000 list is still led by HT (Croatian Telecom) followed by A1 and Tele2, of which only A1 saw and an increase in revenue, however, by the revenue classification outstanding on the list are also Combis d.o.o., Apis IT d.o.o. and Atos It Solutions d.o.o. In other words, alongside the mentioned telecoms whose revenues mainly stagnate or decrease, system integrators generate the highest REVENUE, but not necessarily the highest PROFITS, as shown by our table of tech companies where among the top ones there are many those who produce their own solutions, such as some awarded by 50!UP for the best business solutions.

One should highlight companies such as INFOBIP d.o.o, NANOBIT d.o.o., VERACOMP d.o.o., TRI PLUS GRUPA. d.o.o. and PRINTEC CROATIA d.o.o., that are placed among the first 30 companies on this list with exceptional two-digit growth in revenue, almost entirely from foreign markets which makes their results so much more valuable for the Croatian economy at the same time.

Most companies in Croatia are either micro or small enterprises, as is illustrated by the table of Croatian ICT companies by the criteria of total revenue, where 54.1% are micro companies by the numbers of employees and by annual revenue, and only 6% of the companies could be sorted as mid-size enterprises by looking only at the number of employees.

The number of employees in the top 1000 ICT companies by annual revenue in this group has risen by 9% over the last one-year period, with a total workforce in those companies of as many as 25,119, mainly ICT experts.


The Top 1000 Hi-Tech Croatian Companies by Revenue of 2019



Top 1000 by revenue from exports

This announcement of the most successful Croatian tech companies in 2019 is rounded off with the most relevant top 1000 list of high-tech companies by the results of their revenue from exports.

These companies do not depend on the Croatian internal market. Companies which are not significantly present on this list mainly focus on servicing the domestic market, on public bids by state-owned companies, agencies or by state administration and its ministries. The companies on this list hold a positive view on innovations, thus offering chances to their employees to develop new skills and know-how in challenges of innovations. The workforce of the top 1000 companies by revenue from exports is 26,785, mainly highly-educated professionals.

By exports, expectedly, leading the list is Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., which by its activity in the category of the production of communications equipment, is at the same time the company with the largest share of the workforce in the entire group of companies on this list.

In 2019, hi-tech companies are among the top ten on the list by their revenue from exports with a relevant growth compared to 2018. These are Infobip d.o.o. with a growth of 54.6%, Carel Adriatic d.o.o. with 26.35%, Span d.o.o. with 19.26%, Nanobit d.o.o. with 43.04%, Danieli sistec d.o.o. with 4.9% and A1 d.o.o. with 7.12%.

Infobip d.o.o is listed in the top 50 of the most up-and-coming business IT solutions, as published by the popular tech magazine VIDI and the business tech portal IT BIZ

The 50UP! award for the most promising business tech solutions 2019/2010 was assigned to 50 tech companies for their most innovative business solutions, with as many as 17 of them being found on this list among the first 500.

Some of the recipients of the 50UP! award, such as Microblink d.o.o., Infobip d.o.o., Mobilisis d.o.o., Testdome d.o.o., Agrivi d.o.o., Sono IT d.o.o., Media Toolkit d.o.o., DefenseCode d.o.o. and HR Pro d.o.o. have even been registering a relevant increase in exports, which is clear proof of the quality of their awarded business solutions.

Also, the following companies whose business solutions are awarded by 50UP!, need to be highlighted Rinels d.o.o., Cloudonia d.o.o., Datalab HR d.o.o., Špica sustavi d.o.o., HR Pro d.o.o., Windy Range Software d.o.o. and ORKA d.o.o.

Rimac automobili d.o.o. with a growth of revenue from exports of 170.85% and Altpro d.o.o. with the rise of revenue from exports of 91.58%, are examples of companies not primarily oriented to ICT, but of those that offer their own innovative technologies to the world market and therein make the largest part of their income from the exports of their goods and services.

You can follow a more detailed description of the activities of major Croatian tech companies via our business tech info services: and, through public articles and more specified presentations of their activities and products, as well as the awards and recognitions assigned by our professional programmes of evaluation and awards through the ICT GOLD AWARD, 50UP!, VIDI e-Novation Award, Supertec Employer and ICT Verified Supplier.


The Top 1000 Hi-Tech Croatian Companies by Revenue from Exports of 2019



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