Tko je tko u hrvatskom IT-u

WHO IS WHO IN uskoro predstavlja na svojoj online platformi, svoje prve online kataloge odnosno online bazu dobavljača ponajboljih hrvatskih ERP, CRM, Billing/Fintech, GDPR i BI rješenja za 2018 godinu.


WHO IS WHO IN IT: Selected Croatian IT Solutions - 50UP! 2017

This spring we present you an overview of the 50 most interesting applications and solutions developed by Croatian IT industry. Among numerous participating solutions our professional jury selected the most interesting and innovative solutions with the greatest future potential. This selection represents a compiled list of the most promising applications and solutions for you to “keep an eye on”.They bring value to the customer, introduce basic innovations and usage simplicity. Among 50UP IT solutions you can also find several very interesting and exciting Croatian start-ups.


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